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About Toro Toro Abu Dhabi

Toro Toro is a unique celebration of Latin food, vibrant decor and entertainment offering a colorful twist on contemporary South America cuisine. Latin food lovers will enjoy a culinary journey through the most delectable hot and cold sharing plates whilst enjoying the exotic rhythms of the resident DJ and the live Cuban band.


About Richard Sandoval

A world-renowned chef with over 52 Latin restaurants across the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East, Richard Sandoval is a global pioneer in Contemporary Latin Cuisine. He is internationally acclaimed for the innovative way in which he combines Latin ingredients and modern culinary techniques to create thrilling and sophisticated flavors.


Across Latin America, food is more than a meal. It’s an event. It’s a celebration that’s shared, savored and enjoyed.

Signature Dishes

Ceviche De Huachinango

sea bass / orange juice / leche de tigre

Smoked Guacamole

Mexican mashed smoked avocado served with tortilla chips